Submission guidelines

General  Guidelines

  •  Flame Tree 451 will edit, proofread, distribute and market at our cost. We will payroyalties on all sales, we will not ask you for any financial contribution.
  •  Flame Tree 451 is an ebook, not a print, publisher. Sales will be made onlinethrough the Apple iBookstore and most other digital outlets in the English language.This includes the internet and mobile phone networks, to iPhone, iPad, Androidphones, other smartphones and handheld devices.
  • We will promote through social networks, websites and all other appropriate means,including occasional generic ads.• We work in partnership with our authors: please mention the book and where to buyit to your to friends, colleagues, social network contacts. Success in publishing is down to word of mouth.

These are important, please digest before sending us your novel.

  1. Please send your manuscript to
  2. Manuscripts (ms) must be in digital format: ms word (.doc), open source (.odt), rich text (.rtf), double or 1.5 line-spaced, in a standard typeface (Helvetica, Arial, Times etc). Please underline italics. No compressed files please.
  3. At the top of your ms, include your name, postal address, email and, if you have them,website, blog, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace or equivalent information. If you have concerns about this, please see the privacy statement at at the top of your ms, please state the word count.
  4. Please ensure that you have your copyright line on the footer or header of each page, to include your name, year and copyright symbol. Please also include page numbers in the footer.
  5.  Subjects can include anything with a science fiction, fantasy or crime/detective angle, including but not exclusively, High Fantasy, Space Opera, Sword and Sorcery,space fantasy, detective narratives, magic, alternative worlds, altered states,mechanical or artificial intelligence, superpowers, space exploration, madness.
  6. We are looking for strong characters, strong storylines and an emphasis on visual imagination. To assist with this we would prefer writers to check the amazing art of our artist friends to see if there are any works there which might provide a match in look, feel or subject matter. These appear on the competition page of our website.
  7. The word count for a novel needs to be between 90,000 and 150,000 words. We will also publish occasional collections of short stories (word count 3,000–10,000).
  8. Please make sure your first five pages are fantastic. It will ensure we read the whole book.
  9. Please include a short synopsis of approx. 300 words describing your book.
  10. We will try to respond within 60 days.
  11. If we like your story we’ll confirm in writing with a letter of agreement. If we can agree on terms then we’ll schedule for publication as soon as possible, normally within four months.
  12. Authors will receive 25% of net receipts based on a six-monthly report of sales.Payment will be made one month after receipt of invoice. We do not pay an advance against sales.
  13. If, unfortunately, you receive a rejection from us we will give you a reason, but please bear in mind that it might be more to do with the nature of our list, rather than any shortcomings in your text, so please don’t take offence.
  14. The retail price will generally be based on 4.99 USD, 3.99 GBP, 5.99 CAD, 5.99AUD, 5.99 EU. The net receipts are calculated after all distributor and sales costs have been deducted, i.e. the amount we as the publisher receive from the people we sell to. (As a general rule this is 40–50% of the retail price).
  15. We will try to license your work worldwide into other languages. This is not a quick process and not guaranteed, but it is worth trying. We attend all the international book fairs and have representatives at technology and software shows too.
  16. We aim to keep our ebooks in publication for 48 months after which we will review and may offer the rights back to the author if necessary.

The complete list of guidelines are provided  as a downloadable pdf file which you can save or print for future reference. Please read  it carefully to give your book the best chance.

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