Philip K. Dick in the Movies

PKD is one of the most innovative and creative writers of the 20th century. His short stories and novels have inspired some of the best and most popular sf movies of all time. Here’s a selection of trailers (it might take a while to load):

Total Recall, the original 1990 movie trailer:


Adjustment Bureau, the  2012 movie trailer:


Blade Runner, 1982 trailer:


A Scanner Darkly  2006 trailer:


Minority Report 2002 trailer:


Paycheck 2003 trailer:


If you have any other suggestions we’d love to hear from you, and we’ll try to put them up too.



4 thoughts on “Philip K. Dick in the Movies

  1. Great list! There’s also “Screamers” based on Second Variety, but that one went further from the source than most.

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